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November 20, 2022

The Film: "Christmas Coming Out" (watch it here.)

Director: Art Arutyunyan

Was this story inspired by any personal experience?

The moment of coming out is a memorable one for most of us. Some are positive and some are not. Christmas Coming Out is somewhat a wishful thinking.

How did leads Ford Nelson and Arthur Marroquin get involved in the film?

We did our casting during the pandemic and all submissions were online. Both actors blew us away with their auditions. We cast Ford first and then Arthur was a no-brainer for us. So, in a way the casting process was a breeze this time.

Christmas Coming Out takes place in a small town. What do you feel this location adds to the story?

Location is everything. It sets the mood and it gave us guidance for the overall aesthetic of the film. It’s because of the location, we went with the warm cozy set design and color scheme. The location demanded a traditional approach to executing the visuals.

The film puts the coming out experience on its head. Do you think people will relate to the twist in the story?

Absolutely! Even those who had a tougher time with the process will, hopefully, look at it as the re-imagining of their own experience. Christmas movies, after all, are a chance to dream.

How important was it for you to represent a young gay couple in a traditional Holiday setting?

I mean we do have a rainbow flag and a rainbow ornament on their Christmas tree. But it is the new traditional: all households set their own rules of what the traditional means for them. Our main goal was to make a pretty Christmas film that evokes the holiday spirit and coziness… even if there is a naked doll that comes to life.

Do you have any plans for your next film?

We’ve just finished a feature titled ‘Pieces We Leave Behind’ and are looking for distribution. And I’ve started on a new film about a young fashion designer.

Follow Art on his IG: art_arutyunyan